Who you’re being is a choice

Frosted Pastures
Frosted Pastures

Have you ever stopped at the edge of a meadow, gazed across at the line of trees on the other side, and felt that primal urge to walk freely into the wild and forget all the words you’ve ever learned, forget civilization, forget everything, and just let go?

Have you ever felt the beauty of the wild in such a way that you felt like melting into it as if to breathe for the first time, without hindrance, without worry, and without anything you know or think about – just let it all go and walk into the wild having no intention of ever returning?

What would it be like to roam the wild as if nothing mattered – as if you knew, with absolute certainty, that everything was meaningless and simply didn’t matter? Not like depressed or suicidal, but wild and free – taking what you can get and doing so without a care as to whether you actually get anything, and in that way being very powerful and completely free of upset.

Is it possible to do such a thing, to live completely free of stress, or worries no matter what you’re up to in life? Don’t you want to bring that serenity, peace of mind, and powerful simplicity into everything that you do?


You didn’t have a choice to live. It wasn’t a choice that was given. You already know that. But have you really considered how you’re going to live the life that was given to you.

Even more so, have you considered who you’re going to be in that life? If you’re puzzled by that question, ‘who you’re going to be’, that’s fine, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Generally we don’t put a lot of thought into, ‘who I’m going to be today’.

Sure, you may know physically what you want to do today, tomorrow, or the next – or even what a five or ten-year goal is. You may even know, in great detail, how to fulfill your financial ambitions. But do you know what the purpose of your life is; much less who you get to be inside of that purpose, and what it’s like to bring that clarity of purpose into everything you do?

What do you want to accomplish with your life? And, how much excitement do you think you can have in discovering that purpose? What would it be like to know and then live that purpose with ease? Do you know how to bring that focus into everything that you do? Can you be unstoppable in the fulfilling of that purpose? Do you have a choice in who you get to be inside of everything that’s happening?

You may feel that an external reality dictates whom you get to be, or that social guidelines are needed to achieve your full potential. Anyway you look at it, at any given moment, your stories, or ideas from the past, dictate who you’re being.

Pointing out the source of these clinging stories is a powerful way of reinventing yourself in the present moment. In other words, identifying the areas in your life that you’ve been fooling yourself, gives you additional choices on how to proceed with a purpose driven life.

There are many books, life coaches, and seminars that will show you how to choose whether to go with the ideologies that you’ve inherited, or whether you choose to invent your own life.

Effectively creating a life that you love isn’t about what you do so much as who you get to be in life. Where you’re going, and where you’re at, doesn’t have to change. No matter what the circumstances – who you’re being, right now, isn’t set in stone.

Who you’re being is a choice. And you’re never too old, nor too young, to discover and start fulfilling the purpose of your awareness.

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